Orthophotography is produced through a set of aerial images. Our systems execute LIDAR aerial topography with rectified orthophotography and direct georeferencing. The data is digitally corrected to represent an orthogonal projection without perspective defects, we also have a 150 megapixel camera that allows us to obtain better details of the terrain and, therefore, to be able to generate more accurate plans and maps.

Aerial photographs will always present deformations caused by the camera's perspective and the height or speed at which the camera is moving. This digital correction process is called ortho-rectification. Therefore, an orthophoto combines the detailed features of an aerial photograph with the geometric properties of a plane map.

Photogrammetry with Drones

Photogrammetry is a technique that allows us to obtain maps and plans of a terrain through aerial photographs, also, from these we can obtain a digital elevation model. High precision topographic surveys are obtained from unmanned flights with fully autonomous drones, capturing high resolution aerial photos, using photogrammetric methods obtaining orthomosaics and three-dimensional models.


1. Surveys for preliminary studies

2. Tracing of roads

3. Volumetric calculations

4. Contours

5. Topography of areas with difficult access

6. Digital models, point cloud and orthomosaics

7. Profiles of the study area


1. Time reduction

2. Increased efficiency in gathering information

3. Better cost-quality ratio

4. Greater efficiency in execution


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