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Aeromagnetic surveys play a very important role in any exploration program, so having the most sensitive equipment on the market is crucial. Magnetic maps reflect the geological structures of the study area, making them extremely important tools to determine and interpret the distribution of rocks and structures present in the subsoil.

image services mag gradiometer
image services mag gradiometer

The advantages of having simultaneous information from 3 magnetic sensors, provides the opportunity to obtain the measured horizontal and vertical magnetic gradient values. The vertical gradient is an excellent tool for detecting shallow magnetic sources, when compared to the total magnetic field signal alone. If the acquisition is performed at a low altitude and at moderate speeds, the gradiometric survey can obtain subsurface information in exceptional detail.

Ideal for mining exploration work, in the oil industry, geothermal, gas and oil pipelines, artifacts that represent potential risk of detonation (UXO’s), geological mapping, environmental studies and hydrogeological exploration (in conjunction with VLF sensors). This methodology, applied aerially, has been shown to be an efficient way of obtaining data in large areas and that it can provide information on subsurface structures and variations in electrical resistivity at depths between 100 and 200 meters.

image services mag gradiometer
image services mag gradiometer

Advances in technology and computation make it possible, through data inversion techniques, to obtain not only a map of lateral variations in electrical conductivity, but also to obtain resistivity sections in 2D.

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