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About Us


Lidar America Inc, is a company specialized in last generation technology for Topographic, Bathymetric, Photogrammetric and Geophysical studies.


We are proud to serve all of United States, Latin America and Canada with a wide range of services, products and tools to deliver accurate data sets and surveys.


Lidar America Inc. is a unique company, capable of integrating topographic information, bathymetric and data on the subsurface structure in the same model for 3D visualization, in addition to having the ability to print the resulting models through three-dimensional using a full color printing system, for a better visualization of the results, providing the client with a physical model of the scanned area. That is why Lidar America Inc. is the best option for your topographic exploration, because we put in your hands a model with the result of your investment.

Lidar Mexico acerca de portada.jpg


Lidar America was founded in 2013 in the city of Anaheim, California, in which the aerial mapping services LiDAR and orthophoto began operations that same year. After many projects carried out in South America, reaching sales of more than 1 million dollars and the international prestige obtained, Lidar America opened its air operations at Fullerton airport since June 2015, establishing itself as a corporation in 2016 (Lidar America , Inc.), in addition to opening a couple of technical - commercial offices in Mexico and representatives throughout Latin America.


After 6 years of experience and projects in the US and Latin America, with annual sales of 1.2 million dollars, the infrastructure of Lidar America has been increasing according to the successes obtained.

Lidar Mexico acerca de portada.jpg


Lidar America's mission in the surveying industry is to offer the best LiDAR products and services with the best international quality standards. LiDAR America staff are recognized worldwide as experts who are passionate about creating comprehensive solutions for every project we are involved in. Our interest is not only to acquire and process data, it is to provide the necessary tools to transform the study area into a set of solutions or for our clients, ranging from training (for software processing), planimetry drawing, flood studies, etc. Thus, LiDAR data users will be able to cover all their needs in one place. We are a company of professionals who share their experience, creativity and ability to offer the best solutions and techniques in the industry.


The vision of LiDAR America is to form groups of experts in surveying, bathymetry and geophysics projects, who can be considered partners of those corporations or governmental entities, with a common goal that seeks the strictest scientific discipline by maximizing its value to optimize resources for accelerate the process of planning excellence, risk mitigation and return on investment of any geographic project.

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