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Bathymetric Hydrographic

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Applications of Bathymetric Hydrographic Survey:

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Single Beam Bathymetric Guide

Single beam bathymetric surveys are used to measure water depth and map underwater terrain using a single sonar beam. Here's how to choose the right Single Beam Bathymetric Survey service:

  • Water Body Characteristics: Assess the characteristics of the water body to be surveyed, including depth, clarity, and bottom composition. Single beam bathymetric surveys are suitable for shallow water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and coastal areas.

  • Survey Platform: Consider the survey platform used for data collection, such as a remote-controlled (RC) boat or kayak. Choose a platform that is appropriate for the size and accessibility of the survey area, as well as the depth of the water.

  • Sonar Specifications: Evaluate the specifications of the single beam sonar system, including frequency, beam angle, and depth range. Choose a sonar system that provides the required level of detail for your project, taking into account factors such as water clarity and bottom roughness.

  • Data Processing Capabilities: Inquire about the service provider's data processing capabilities, including software tools and algorithms for bathymetric mapping and depth analysis. Ensure they can deliver the required deliverables, such as depth contours and volume calculations.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Verify that the service provider complies with all relevant regulations for bathymetric surveys, including permits for water access and safety protocols for operating in aquatic environments. Choose a provider with experience in conducting single beam bathymetric surveys in compliance with local regulations.

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