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bathymetry, echo sounder


With the Bathymetric Boat with echo sounder we obtain a detailed representation of the aquatic bottom to visualize the morphology of the area.

bathymetry, echo sounder and lidar

Bathymetry is a primary material for any project related to aquatic ranges such as: rivers, lakes, lagoons, oceans, canals, etc. We can understand the morphology of a specific area and then start with aquatic engineering studies. Bathymetric plans can be combined with LIDAR data to display a single plan, making it a complete visualization.

 with RC Boat

The multibeam system is an echo sounder whose transducer is capable of simultaneously emitting a fan of acoustic waves (256 pulses), these acoustic waves hit the bottom, bounce and the echo is detected by the receiver, separating the depth measured by each acoustic wave from the angle at which it was emitted, this process can be repeated up to 100 times per second. Additionally, background reflectivity data is recorded, with which maps of background types and false image can be generated.

When conducting multibeam surveys, the sensor takes readings perpendicular to the navigation direction that cover a strip equivalent to 3 times the depth. At each step we get an overlay of data to ensure 100% of the ocean floor is covered.

Bathimetry and RGB
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