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LIdar America UAV Drone Survey LIDAR Mapping Service

UAV Drone Aerial LIDAR Survey and Mapping Services

UAV Drone Aerial lidar Survey Mapping Service

We're the original and leading drone survey mapping service in the world. We're innovative, professional, and we do it better than everybody. Whether it's Drone Lidar survey Mapping services or Drone construction inspection services, we've got you covered.

 aerial topography, lidar, lidar america, photogrammetry, bathymetry
point cloud, aerial topography, lidar, lidar america, photogrammetry, bathymetry

The use of drones has increased exponentially in the past few years and it's not just for recreational purposes. With Drone Survey Lidar Mapping, businesses can take advantage of this innovative tool to map their land quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. This service provides accurate, high-resolution maps for a variety of industries such as agriculture, construction and mining.

The LIDAR operational methodology consists on laser light pulses towards a surface and the measurement of the time it takes to return to each emission towards the point of origin. Considering constant and knowing the speed of light, the LiDAR system can calculate the distance that exists between itself and the return surface with a very high precision, so when performing it successively and in motion, the instrument is capable of build a model of the shape of the terrain you are measuring. It is possible to integrate a high resolution and precision photography system, in which each lidar point will have a value in the RGB system.

dem,  aerial topography, lidar, lidar america, photogrammetry, bathymetry
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