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Used LIDAR Equipment for Sale

What to consider when buying a new LiDAR equipment?

The cost of purchasing a LiDAR system is approximately $ 1.3 million initially, plus the cost of a camera priced at approximately $ 500,000. This cost along with the combined cost of system maintenance, warranty, and insurance (about $ 150,000 per year) makes sole ownership cost ineffective, especially if a single owner would not maximize system capacity. These large upfront costs can lead to increased exposure to obsolescence risks. Apart from the large learning curves for data collection and processing.

A company that is not Co-owner does not have real control of the LiDAR equipment nor are they guaranteed access when they need it. This makes the company unable to market with 100% security and ability to bid on projects as a company that owns LiDAR technology.

Fractional owners also enjoy a lower price for data collection (operator and operating equipment), pre-processing and processing (if necessary), resulting in an even greater reduction in overhead.

Co-owners are guaranteed access to a camera and LiDAR system operated by the most qualified operators. As a co-owner, Lidar America LLC also offers you data pre-processing and processing (if required) and is committed to making the resources available to you. With guaranteed access to a LiDAR system and camera, your company can bid on projects that previously seemed unachievable due to response time or other factors that depended on third-party companies. In addition, your company will enjoy preferential prices in data collection, pre-processing and processing (if necessary) that will lead to a very low cost of operation, increasing your profits substantially.

The cost of Co-Ownership is predictable and easy to understand. Simply put, there are two basic fixed costs involved. The cost of the equipment is your first initial capital investment. It pays for its share of ownership of the LiDAR sensor and camera as a set. The fixed cost is your second monthly management fee, which pays for the system guarantee and insurance, among other things. That's it. Predictable accessible and simple.


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Advantages of co-ownership

Cost of co-ownership

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