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LiBackpack C50 is an advanced SLAM-based 3D mapping system which integrates LiDAR and 360° imaging technologies to produce true color point clouds. Functional in both handheld and backpack modes, the LiBackpack C50 is a flexible mobile laser scanning solution for indoor and outdoor applications. Users can opt for a LiDAR-only solution when colorized point clouds are not required.


  • Laser Sensor VLP 16
    Dimensions (Main Unit) 1055 x 288 x 170 mm
    Battery 5700mAh
    Typical Ground Speed 1m/s
    Working hours ~ 2 hours w/ DJI TB48S
    Ports  HDMI, Ethernet, USB 3.0
    Storage 512GB SSD
    Operation & Data Transfer WIFI connection (mobile device or tablet)
    Wired ethernet connection (tablet)
    Accuracy ± 3cm
    Horizontal FOV 360°
    Measuring range 100m
    Camera Panoramic Camera
    Resolution 3840 x 1920
    Frame rate 30fps
  • Manufacturer Policy

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