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LiBackpack DGC50 LiDAR scanning system is the multi-sensor integrated version of the LiBackpack series, including a horizontal and vertical LiDAR sensor, a high-resolution panoramic camera and a precise GNSS module. With integrated SLAM and GNSS navigation technology, it can obtain georeferenced high-resolution panoramic image and high-precision 3D point cloud data even with high accuracy (≤5cm). LiBackpack DGC50 is a powerful tool for powerline inspection, forest management and survey, mining industry, underground space information acquisition, BIM, and so on.

LiBackpack DGC50

expected to be shipped in 30 days
  • Laser Sensor VLP16 (x2)
    Dimensions (mm) 1010 X 344 X 252
    Battery 5700mAh
    Working hours ~ 2 hours
    Storage 512G SSD
    Port HDMI, USB, Network
    Control mode

    Wireless mode: Connects to mobile device via WIFI for controlling and real-time display.

    Wired mode: Connect to tablet by ethernet cable to transfer and control data.

    Accuracy ± 3cm
    Vertical FOV -90° ~ 90°
    Horizontal FOV 0° ~ 360°
    Resolution 3840 x 1920
    Frame rate 30fps
  • Manufacturer Policy

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