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The LiGrip O1 Lite is the latest generation of LiGrip handheld series. It features an
integrated design and supports various mapping methods, including RTK-SLAM, PPK-SLAM, and SLAM. It can output real-time, high-precision, true-color LAS point cloud data with absolute coordinates.
RTK and PPK are optional.
Base product SLAM

LiGrip O1 Lite

  • System Parameters Size L 184mm×W 115mm×H 304mm Handheld Weight 1.0kg (including base stand and battery) Battery 3350 mAh Voltage 14.4 V Storage 256GB[1] Protection Rating IP54 Port Type-C, TF Card Single Battery Life 180mins[2] Controls App/Button Firmware Upgrade OTA/Offline LiDAR Sensor Parameters Laser Mid360 Wavelength 905 nm Scan Rate 200,000 pts/s Scan Range 40m@10% reflectivity, 70m@80% reflectivity Scanning Accuracy 2cm FOV Horizontal 360°, Vertical -7°~52° Camera Parameters Camera Type LiCam Resolution Ratio 3840×2160 FOV 240°×143° Image Format bin (before parsing)/JPG (after parsing) Capturing Frame Rate 0~5 frames/sec (adjustable) Mapping Method Mapping Principles RTK-SLAM, PPK-SLAM, SLAM Real-time Processing Supported Real-time Coloring Supported Data Outcomes Relative Accuracy ≤2cm Absolutely Accuracy ≤5cm[3] Point Cloud Data Format Las (real-time processing), LiData (post-processing)

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