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LiMobile Standard is one of the products in the LiMobile product line, which is designed to be mounted on SUVs at 45 degrees tilted angle. It can be used to acquire high-quality ground and terrain data on both sides of the road as it is equipped with a high-resolution camera. The integrated vehicle mounting system is highly adaptive to various SUV models. A variety of connection ports are reserved for optional modules, such as panoramic cameras, encoders, horizontal lasers, and many others in order to provide a complete mobile surveying solution


  • Laser Sensor XT32
    Dimensions (mm) 265 x 270 x 230
    Battery 5700mAh  (x6)
    Working hours ~ 8 hours
    Storage 512G SSD
    Port HDMI, USB, Network
    Control mode

    Wireless mode: Connects to mobile device via WIFI for controlling and real-time display.

    Wired mode: Connect to tablet by ethernet cable, to transfer and control data.

    Accuracy ± 3cm
    Vertical FOV -16° ~ 15°
    Horizontal FOV 0° ~ 360°
    Resolution 8.9MP
    Frame rate 6fps


  • Manufacturer policy

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