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LiPod makes terrestrial 3D laser scanning (TLS) easier and more affordable than ever before. Its compact and lightweight design makes this high accuracy LiDAR surveying solution easy to transport and operate. LiPod allows users to quickly survey large interior and exterior sites without the need for inserting registration targets


  • Laser Sensor VLP16
    Dimensions (mm) 117 x 110 x 265.5
    Battery 5700mAh
    Working hours ~ 2 hours
    Storage 512G SSD
    Port  USB, Network
    Control mode

    Wireless mode: smartphone or tablet (connect via WIFI, dual control, and display)

    Wired mode: Wire connection between system and tablet, control and data transmission

    Accuracy ± 3cm
    Vertical FOV -15° ~ 15°
    Horizontal FOV 0° ~ 360°
    Camera Panoramic Camera
    Resolution 18MP
  • Manufacturer Policy

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